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CTM360® is a Cyber Security subscription service offering 24 x 7 x 365 Cyber Threat Management for detecting and responding to cyber threats. Headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, CTM360 specializes in offensive defense - a mentality that looks to neutralize and eliminate threats in infancy - and strives to strengthen a subscribed member’s security posture by making them a harder target in cyberspace.

CTM360 currently caters to 30 of the Top 50 Banks across the GCC, as well as entities in Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Aviation and other sectors.

Offered as a service and with an ecosystem built in the cloud, CTM360 remains a leading detection & response provider in cyberspace and for the digital domain. Noteworthy statistics include 200,000+ unique incidents managed, 10 billion hacked accounts indexed, 30,000+ digital assets inventoried and 300 executives protected.

CTM360 specializes in threat hunting and neutralizing in cyberspace, digital risk management, threat intelligence, corporate & VIP brand protection, anti-phishing and more.

We believe in collaboratively formulating a framework that tackles challenges of the cyber threat landscape. Our team had struggled over the last decade as a reseller to manage clients in delivering an integrated suite of solutions.

With necessity being the mother of invention, we developed CTM360 to offer a comprehensive cyber threat management solution enabling us to respond quickly, innovate on the fly, and provide effective incident management.

We provide dependable cyber security as a service. This 24x7x365 managed service identifies cyber threats relevant to our member organizations, conducts analysis on impact and connects the dots across multiple incidents where possible.

The core service is strengthened by preventive measures that manage vulnerabilities spanning an organization's cyber footprint and conduct cyber security awareness programs for all staff.

We develop technologies based on our proprietary logical frameworks and complement them with our team of security analysts. CTM360 platform is currently composed of 10 integrated modules that were identified and developed with feedback & recommendations from our members.

A unique aspect of our operations is that our Production, Business Development and Delivery are not departments but rather functions where individuals have roles across all.