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Going beyond conventional takedowns, Takedown++ is one of our strengths, offering many response actions leveraged by our various relationships with major registrars, memberships and global partnerships. With CTM360, be prepared to tackle all known and unknown threats via all possible routes. We Offer

Takedown Account Reclamation Domain Suspension De-IndexingShutdown Account Suspension Blacklisting and more

Fully managed by CTM360 and provided as a standard part of our automated platform. 

Cloud Incident Response

Neutralize threats at an early stage in an attack chain before an incident escalates further into a threat or attack.

Threat Analysis

Review all data-points and correlations within incidents with the help of thorough analysis, triaging and investigations managed by CTM360.

Incident Management

A fully managed incident management system designed to make your life simpler. Manage, take the action and view the latest updates of response against all cyber threats targeting your organization across the surface, deep and dark web.

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